New Year Run

Sunday January 21st….cold, wet and foggy but still nine bikes and riders met up at Chiverton Cross for George’s run.


Meeting at the Chiverton Arms, Chiverton Cross


Signing on nearly complete


Here’s George leading the ride out

The ride went through Portreath, where there was going to be a coffee stop but it was unanimously agreed to keep going and get to lunch as soon as possible. Lunch was at Porthleven.


Although 9 started, 7 arrived safely at Porthleven

Thanks George for a good ride inspite of the weather.


Christmas Celebration

This year for our section’s Christmas meal we went to the Quintrell Inn at Quintrell Downs near Newquay. Over 50 people attended and we all enjoyed a vey nice carvery. We have been using this venue quite a lot recently with committee meetings, rally meetings and monthly lunch meetings. They look after us very well.

Below are some photographs of the event, taken by Peter Lee.


Santa has come early!!



I wonder what his first bike will be


And they say women can talk! Looks like all they’re doing here is listening


There is always one!!!



Dolly’s Run

Winter runs are always a battle with the weather. Will the roads be muddy, icy or both? Will it rain or be dry?  Well today the roads were muddy but it didn’t rain although it was getting cold by the end of the day. Laurence took us on a great run. Thirty plus bikes with riders, some pillion passengers and a three wheeler met at Ladock and rode through to Newquay, Porth, Watergate Bay and onto Mawgan Porth for a coffee break. Lovely views of the sea on one side and hills and fields on the other. From here we went along the coast to Padstow. At one point we came across a road closed sign. Did we take any notice?….no. We rode down the road, getting nearer and nearer to the beach. Oh well, Laurence has arranged an activity for us…..beach racing!!! Thankfully no. The road was in fact open and we arrived in Padstow for a comfort break. From here we travelled onto  Cornwall Services at Victoria for lunch. Thanks Laurence a great day.


Meeting up at Ladock for the start of the run






Coffee stop at Mawgan Porth



Mawgan Porth. I don’t think Sid can remember where he left his bike!!


Lovely views over the beach at Mawgan Porth

Dartmoor Run

Sunday 20th August dawned miserable and wet. However, as always there were some hardy brave bikers, eight in fact, who met up at Morrison’s supermarket in Bodmin determined not to be put off by the weather. They rode to Tavistock where they were joined by another group and rode over Dartmoor to enjoy a well earned lunch break at Widdicombe in the Moor. The rain never let up and all came back safely and soaked. Thanks to Gary for this run. Despite the weather this is always a popular and enjoyable day.


Hoping the rain will stop while at the start in Bodmin


Rame Head Run

It is often said that bikers just ride from one food stop to the next. Well today we broke the law because on Kelvin’s Rame Head Run our first stop was the Coastwatch Station at Rame Head and there was no food or drinks available. The view from the station was magic, overlooking the East Coast of Cornwall and all the ruggedness there. Leaving here we rode to Mount Edgecumbe for lunch where we did eat. After a great break and basking in the sun we set off for Calstock where we enjoyed a cream tea to finish off the day. Thanks to Kelvin B for a most enjoyable day.


Meeting at East Taphouse for the start of Kelvin’s run


Len, Clive and Peter sorting out the world at the Coastwatch Station, Rame Head


Can you hear the moans and groans of the bones as they try to stand up after lunch at Mount Edgecumbe!


Kelvin and friends enjoying the cream teas at Calstock at the end of the run.


North Cornwall Run

Sunday 18th June and I think we’re in the Southern hemisphere! It’s Bernard’s North Cornwall run and last year the weather was appalling and this year….well. Don’t complain. We met at Tesco in Wadebridge and were delighted to see some of our Devon colleagues. We set off along the coast heading for Bude and a coffee stop.

Unfortunately some didn’t get there. Throughout the day there were a number of breakdowns. One A10 blew up (that’s the engine not the bike), a Triumph 500 encountered gear box failure, Triumph 100 had coil issues, a Velocette gave up the ghost, a Panther had ignition issues….and these are the ones we know about. Were there any bikes left? Well yes there were and they all throughly enjoyed their day. Perhaps a temperature in the high 20’s was just too much for these old bikes!!! Thanks for another good run Bernard.


All meeting at Tesco in Wadebridge


I don’t think we’ll be doing the mountain course today!!



Len has Mike in his sights





Land’s End Run 2017

Sunday 4th June, first Sunday in June is traditionally our Land’s End Run and this year was no exception. We have to mention the weather because this is the UK and thanks to Brexit the day started wet and miserable. Well…… everything else gets blamed on Brexit so why not the weather! The starting venue had changed this year due to the roadworks in Bodmin. So off we headed getting soaking wet to the Borough Arms at Dunmere, just outside Bodmin. By the time we left there (10am) the rain had stopped, the roads dried up pretty quickly and the rest of the day was wonderful. The hospitality we received at the Borough Arms was great. Tea, coffee and bacon butties. What more could you ask for?


Out side the Borough Arms waiting for the rain to stop,…………


…….but here inside the bacon butties are being enjoyed.



Finally, as I said earlier the rain stopped, our guest had arrived to flag us off and we started to head for Land’sEnd.  First though we had a lunch stop at the seaside town of Portreath and finally arriving in Land’s End around 3pm where we enjoyed ice creams, teas and coffees and presentations of trophies.


An example of the trophies,made for us by Trophy Textiles

IMG_0330 2

After a very pleasant 90 mile journey, here we are at Land’s End


George and David came on their chicken chasers from Bristol. I’d like to say they rode them all the way down….but I can’t lie!  good to see you guys.


Thanks to all the team who were responsible for organising and running this event. It was very enjoyable and successful.